SEP Suggests Improvements to Existing Health Care Legislation
On the eve of the White House “Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform,” Society of Sport and Event Photographers (SEP) and the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Care tell congressional leadership what small business owners want to see in any health care reform bill.[complete story]

Photographers Set Out to Rock 2010
More and more professional photographers are standing up, standing strong and driving their businesses higher than ever. Just look at the 10,000 industry professionals that attended Imaging USA and SEPCON this January (January 10-12, 2010)! [complete story]

Fujifilm Launches GF670 Professional Medium Format Folding Film Camera
Fujifilm has announced it will launch a high quality film camera, the GF670 Professional medium format folding camera, at PMA 2010. Ideal for professional photographers interested in film photography, the GF670 Professional is a foldable model that features 6x6 and 6x7 dual-format shooting for use with120 and 220 roll film. [complete story]

SEP Tells Senate: Health Care Bill Not Favorable to Small Businesses
As the health care debate unfolds in the Senate, the Society of Sport & Event Photographers (SEP) and its allied organizations tell senators that proposed health care legislation “costs too much and delivers too little.” [complete story]

Mitsubishi Provides Event Photographers And Retailers With All-Encompassing Printer Packages
As the leader in photo imaging, the Imaging Products Division of Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America has been the catalyst for event photographers to promote their business and grow their customer base for years. With their line of printers that includes the CP-3020DAU, CP-9550DW, CP-9800DW and the CP-3800DW, MDEA has given event photographers the power to reliably deliver on-site prints with speed, regardless of the situation. [complete story]

SEPCON Broadens Horizons for Sport and Event Photographers
SEPCON at Imaging USA, one of the world’s first and longest running events focused on the needs of professional sport and event photographers, has picked Nashville, Tenn., for its 2010 convention and tradeshow. SEPCON will open its annual convention at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center on January 10.

SEPCON will feature a unique combination of artistic and business education designed specifically for professional sport and event photographers, whether they’ve been in business for years, or are just starting. “True success in this field requires both photographic and business skills, and this conference offers you a chance to absorb both,” states Claire White, Allied Associations manager for the Society of Sport and Event Photographers (SEP). [complete story]

Join SEP in Supporting the Home Office Deduction Simplification Act of 2009
The Society of Sport & Event Photographers (SEP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA), and other members of the Copyright Alliance are supporting the introduction of H.R. 1509 – The Home Office Deduction Simplification Act of 2009 by signing a letter sent by a coalition organized by the National Association for the Self-Employed (NASE). The letter announces the introduction of this vital piece of legislation by Representatives John McHugh (D-NY-23) and Kurt Schrader (D-OR), and it seeks co- sponsorship and support for the bill. [complete story]

Photographers’ Voices Heard at Congressional Briefing on Copyright
On March 19, PPA’s Chief Executive Officer, David Trust, represented the photography industry, including sport and event photographers, on a panel at a Congressional Briefing that included representatives from the music, movie, and software industries. The discussion centered on the importance of U.S. Copyright law to the photography industry, the importance of copyright industries to the U.S. economy, and how photographers interact with fellow creators. [complete story]

PPA + SEP + Facebook = Now We’re Talkin’
You may recall last month’s online uprising when Facebook announced their new Terms of Service (TOS) policy. Upon learning of the new TOS, PPA, on behalf of members of its allied associations (like SEP), sent a letter to Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s Founder & CEO. In that message, they applauded Zuckerberg’s creation of a “Facebook Bill of Rights & Responsibilities,” and offered their expertise and assistance in developing the social media site’s newest policy. [complete story]

SEP and PPA Meet with President-Elect Obama’s Transition Team
The Society of Sport & Event Photographers (SEP), Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and other members of the Copyright Alliance met and discussed intellectual property rights with President-Elect Obama’s Transition Team last Friday in Washington, D.C. Building a good foundation with the incoming administration is key, especially with the creation of the Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator position at the White House level.
[complete story]

Sport & Event Photographers Pledge a Stricter Code of Ethics
Every day there are horror stories of children harmed by adults they trust…but sport and event photographers have work with and around kids of all ages. To help photographers in such sensitive situations, the Society of Sport & Event Photographers (SEP) announces a new program: SEP Strictest Code of Ethics.
[complete story]

Enter the Action News Cover Contest
The winner and two runners-up will be chosen by the pros to represent SEP on its featured publication Action News. First place locks in a FREE one- year membership to SEP, along with a feature in Action News, including the winning image on the cover.
[complete story]

Record-Breaking Convention and Tradeshow: SEPCON @ Imaging USA 2008
What event broke its attendee and tradeshow records in January? SEPCON @ Imaging USA, of course, held January 6-8 in Tampa, Florida. Imaging USA drew in a total of 8,600 attendees and 315 companies in almost 600 tradeshow booths.
[complete story]

A Tax Bill that Can Actually Help Self-Employed Photographers
[complete story]

Photographer Registry
[complete story]

Sweepstakes Marketing Cooperative Announced
Join the Marketing Co-op by March 31, 2007 and let the power of sweepstakes marketing deliver new clients to your door.
[complete story]

IAPEP Announces Name Change
[complete story]

Associations Call for Changes in Orphan Works Proposal
[complete story]

IAPEP's Final Response to Orphan Works Report
For the Response by PPA, CPI, IAPEP and SPS:
[pdf file ]

Copyright Office's Final Orphan Works Report
For the full, 207-page document by the Register of Copyrights visit

PhotoCrazy Patent Letters: What You Need To Know
A number of photographers and event organizers have received letters from Peter H. Wolf and informing them that “any photographers performing event photography services in a manner covered by the patent need to be licensed” and that “in some circumstances, those working in association with the photographer, such as an event organizer, may also be found to infringe the patent.”
[complete story]

IAPEP leads the way in Sports & Event Certification
IAPEP and the Professional Photographic Certification Commission came together in 2005 to create the first ever accreditation for the sports and event photography field.
[complete story]

CPI Responds to Corbis Expansion of Royalty-free Image Offerings
CPI received a call from a reporter covering a story on today’s announcement from Corbis that they are expanding its royalty-free image offerings. The reporter wanted our opinion on the increased availability of royalty-free offerings in the market, and specifically asked what we feel the market implications are for this trend, especially in relation to the economic impact on artists and photographers who rely on being paid for their images. [complete story]

Copyright-Worried Photo Labs Spurn Jobs
[complete story on]

IAPEP Issues Comments on Orphan Works
IAPEP and three other professional photography associations have issued a joint response to the U.S. Copyright Office’s call for comment on “orphan works.” The Office asked a number of questions regarding the issue of what to do with works that were still technically under copyright protection but where the rightful owner cannot be located. [complete story]

Photographers Oppose Government’s Proposed Permit Requirements
Four major photography organizations have united in opposition to a proposal that would require photographers to apply and pay for permits and fees when creating images “for which a fee will be received or which are for other than personal use” at the United States National Arboretum in Washington, DC. [complete story]

Comments on 7 CRF Part 500
[complete story]

Warning: New Scam Targets Professional Photographers
In a new twist on an old scam, con artists are now targeting professional photographers with a variation on the popular "funds forwarding" scheme.
[complete story]

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