IAPEP Adds Media Credentials to Growing List of Member Benefits
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August 30, 2004
For Immediate Release

Media Pass IAPEP Adds Media Credentials to Growing List of Member Benefits
The International Association of Professional Event Photographers (IAPEP) continues to impress the sports and event photography market by the drastic growth in its member benefits list. Members and friends of the organization are particularly excited about the most recent addition: media credentials.

"One thing that sets IAPEP members apart from the rest of the photography industry is that they are covering events they were not necessarily pre-selected by the organizer to cover," explains Jamie Dempsey, IAPEP's executive director. "We at IAPEP recognize these photographers' need for immediate access to sporting events, concerts and other such functions-access that will enable them to capture precise images for media outlets. Fulfilling needs like this one is the reason IAPEP exists."

Badges will be distributed to all IAPEP photographers at no additional cost to membership, and they will serve as members' annual membership cards.

Dempsey states, "As the only association of its kind, we feel it is our duty to provide members with this benefit. Media credentials are vital to the livelihood of many IAPEP members, and we're proud that we are able to provide them."

Badges will commence distribution in September 2004.

For more information on IAPEP, please go to www.iapep.com or call 877-427-3778.