Volunteers Needed for Copyright Protection Program
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Volunteers Needed for Copyright Protection Program
 SEP is looking for members to help investigate the copyright protection practices of retail and online copiers through the investigative group known as the Retailer Compliance Network.

The Retailer Compliance Network, also referred to as RECON, places investigative orders at a variety of retail stores to gauge their copyright practices. The goal of the RECON program is to reduce and eliminate copyright infringements in retail stores across the nation.

Begun in late 2001 by Professional Photographers of America, the RECON program has proved to be a valuable mechanism in protecting photographers’ copyrights. Adding volunteers from SEP to expand the program will give both SEP and PPA enhanced leverage in pushing retailers to follow the law.

All current members of SEP are eligible to participate in RECON. Those who choose to get involved will receive an e-mail with detailed instructions on how and where to place investigative orders every four to eight weeks. Upon completion of the mission, volunteers are asked to email the results so they can be shared with the retail stores’ corporate offices. RECON members generally have three weeks to complete each assignment. As a volunteer program, members will be asked to place the orders at their own expense.

If you are interested in joining the RECON Team please email Deyanna Jones.