IAPEP Issues Comments on Orphan Works
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IAPEP Issues Comments on Orphan Works
IAPEP and three other professional photography associations have issued a joint response to the U.S. Copyright Office’s call for comment on “orphan works.” The Office asked a number of questions regarding the issue of what to do with works that were still technically under copyright protection but where the rightful owner cannot be located.

In their 13-page response, Professional Photographers of America, Commercial Photographers International, the International Association of Professional Event Photographers and the Student Photographic Society express agreement with the notion of creating some sort of reasonable accommodation for those that wish to use works that are truly “orphaned.” The groups also caution that any exception for orphan works must be very narrowly drawn and should be accompanied by changes that would make it easier for photographers to enforce their rights:

For the Copyright Office’s Notice of Intent on “orphan works”:

For the Response of IAPEP, PPA, CPI and SPS: