IAPEP leads the way in Sports & Event Certification
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IAPEP and the Professional Photographic Certification Commission came together in 2005 to create the first ever accreditation for the sports and event photography field. IAPEP selected several members from across the country with experience in a variety of specialty fields to participate in focus groups to assist in creating the guidelines for the Certified Professional Photographer, Sports & Event exam and specialty endorsement.

“Certification is a respected professional credential used by many different fields to show that you are an authority in your field. It just made sense for IAPEP to get involved and assist in creating this credential for this industry,” said Michelle Hatch, IAPEP Association Manager.
The exam is now available to the entire industry and IAPEP members can apply for the exam at a discounted rate of $100.

Based on the Certified Professional Photographer exam, this certification is specifically designed for sports and event photographers. The written exam consists of 100 multiple-choice questions that cover the following areas: camera, lenses and attachments; composition and design; digital post production; exposure and meters; film, digital capture, and output; and lighting.  Images are also submitted for judging and for specialty endorsements.

Consumers seek certified professionals, regardless of the industry. So in the photography world, certification gives you a distinct marketing advantage over your competition.
Learn more about certification at www.iapep.com.