SEP Strictest Code of Ethics Program

SEP Background Check Process

It is hard to trust anyone, especially around children. SEP aims to represent the safest sport and event photographers, especially those who work in close proximity to children. To prove that to potential customers, we invite you, as a member of SEP, to pledge to a stricter Code of Ethics and go the extra step with a criminal background check.

Once you have agreed to the new Code of Ethics pledge and have passed the background check, you will receive a certificate noting this process took place. 

SEP in turn will promote this advanced security to potential clients such as:

  • Soccer Coaches
  • Softball Coaches
  • Schools/Coach Associations
  • Schools
  • PTAs
  • Baseball Coaches
  • Football Coaches
  • Coach Associations

Background Check Details:

  1. It is a criminal background check only.
  2. Name, date of birth, and Social Security Number will be required.
  3. Background check would cover the past seven years (standard by the law).
  4. After passing the background check, participants will receive a certificate to hang in their office.

Terms and Conditions of Use

SEP Strictest Code of Ethics

Respect the privacy of children and those who do not wish their images to be subject to E- commerce, and immediately remove such images upon request of the customer.

Conduct background checks on all employees and contractors to help ensure the safety of young customers.

Perform all due diligence in the protection, backup, and archiving of images to protect them from untimely loss.

Protect the confidentiality of customer data entrusted to you, not disclosing this information to others not directly involved with the project, nor using this information for any other purpose not expressly approved by the customer.

Conduct all business dealings with sponsors in a spirit of full financial transparency and provide, upon request, a full and written accounting for all images sold over the term specified so that paid commissions may be independently verified.

Disclose to all sponsors—in advance and in writing—the method by which sponsor fundraising commissions and rebates due are calculated and paid, so that they may be individually analyzed and compared to our offers.

Refrain from offering or providing excessive personal inducements to influence decision-makers concerning the award of contracts or assignments.

Respect, in word and deed, the competitive nature of the business and do not defame others engaged in business.

Provide the highest level of customer service and resolve consumer complaints and dissatisfaction with speed and fairness.

Conduct business with honesty, integrity, and the utmost professionalism at all times.

Rules about Online Images of Children:

Images of children must be password protected.

A child’s name, age, school, home address, e-mail, phone number and any other personal contact information cannot be listed with the image online.