DriveSavers Rescues Photos from Camera Submerged for Days in Frigid Alaskan Waters
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DriveSavers Data Recovery, the worldwide leader in data recovery services, announced at Imaging USA that 750 images were successfully recovered from a camera that had been submerged in 60 feet of frigid Alaskan waters for 3 days.

Bernard Zink had just completed the trip of a lifetime - shooting photos from a seaplane while flying over Alaska.  Upon landing in Juneau, Zink slipped as he stepped off the seaplane. In an attempt to save his camera, mid-fall he pitched it ahead of himself onto the dock where it slid off the end, subsequently hitting the water shortly after he did.  While Mr. Zink was rescued from the water, his camera did not fare so well, sinking 60 feet into the brisk 46 degree water.    

Two days later, the airline hired a diver to retrieve the sunken camera.  Desperate to rescue the irreplaceable photos he had taken during his trip, Bernard took the camera card to a local computer shop. A technician inserted the card into a flash memory card reader connected to a computer and, miraculously, his photos appeared on the screen.

Bernard then asked that the photos be transferred to a CD. However, the technician had already removed the camera card from the reader. When he reinserted the card, nothing appeared on the screen. After several failed attempts, the shop determined that the card was now unreadable.

Two weeks later, in a last ditch effort to retrieve his precious memories, Mr. Zink turned to the experts at DriveSavers Data Recovery.  Within a couple days, DriveSavers recovered 750 of the 800 images taken during the trip.  "I was devastated that the camera shop in Juneau was unable download my images," said Zink. "My outlook completely changed when DriveSavers told me they recovered the images. After everything I had been through, it was wonderful to have a happy ending. Thank you, DriveSavers."

DriveSavers was the first company to successfully recover data from digital cameras and is recommended by all digital camera manufacturers to perform data recovery on their digital media products.  To learn more about DriveSavers Data Recovery services for digital cameras and special programs for digital arts, visit:

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