Peter Read Miller's Sports Photography Workshop
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Join Peter Read Miller, Max Morse, Grant Leighton and other industry experts on April 4 - 10, 2011 for 6 days of photographing Colorado's top university, high school and pro sporting events.

During the workshop, photographers will have a chance to shoot professional mountain bikers, a regional track and field event at a local university and high school basketball in a classic downtown gymnasium. Other shoots include local action sports from Lacrosse to Motocross. The class will also spend a day working with athletes from several different sports in studio and location lighting situations.

Each photographer will have the opportunity to work closely with Peter Read Miller and take home hundreds of images shot with top of the line equipment, plus each student will have a one-on-one portfolio review with Miller.

Tutition for the week is normally $1,495, but SEP members can receive a $200 discount when registering - making their tution $1295. SEP members can click here to get the discount code.